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aquafolia 360

Video on Aquafolia’s Science

Learn more in minutes on topics such as: Well aging, Cosmeceutical biotechnology of natural origin, Aquafolia in three simple steps, Imbibition, Understand sensation of dry skin, How to choose your anti-aging concept, Performance in our products, Our clever formulation, and more!

innovation aquafolia

Video about our products

Discover our star Aquafolia products and their formulation: the Probio Omega Cell Cream, our new AquaIMUNITA anti-inflammaging concept and the Integral Eye Contour Cream, anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles.

aquafolia 360

Aquafolia 360º – The performance in our products

Aquafolia 360º – Cosmeceutical biotechnology of natural origin

Aquafolia 360º – Aquafolia in three simple steps

Aquafolia 360º – How to choose your anti aging concept

Aquafolia 360º – The imbibition

Aquafolia 360º – Understand the dry skin sensation

Aquafolia 360º – Health in anti aging

innovation aquafolia

AquaIMUNITA Cell Reboost Lotion

Aquafolia brand presentation 2020

Aquafolia AquaNUTRIA Anti-aging Red Oil Reparative Regenerative

Aquafolia integral eye contour cream

AquaIMUNITA Probio Omega Cell Cream

Aquafolia cellular fusion serum

Aquafolia serum cell biotech probio yeux