8 March 2023

Triple Action 3A Concept: Fluid or Cream? Which one to choose?

The Triple Action 3A Concept has been scientifically designed to provide control to skin with imperfections. That is, skin with comedones (blackheads), papules or pustules (pimples), microcysts (small bumps of sebum under the skin), an oily facial axis, etc. The Triple Action 3A Concept helps to better control sebum production, reduce redness associated with skin eruptions and fights the visible signs of aging.

Among the products, we find the Triple Action 3A Fluid and the Triple Action 3A Cream. Here are some tools to help you choose the product that best suits your skin condition.

3A Triple Action Fluid

This product comes in a fluid and light texture that will soothe your skin by hydration. Triple Action 3A Fluid will condition your skin, leaving a light, oil-free sensation of moisture that will visibly reduce the redness associated with acne. In addition, it helps control the oily skin sensation and reduces comedones, papules and pustules. Finally, it will support healthy skin by fighting the visible signs of aging.

Pro tip: We recommend applying Triple Action 3A Fluid to thoroughly cleansed skin morning and night. Apply the Intensive Regulating Complex to maximize results. Its best allies: the Soothing Cleansing Essence, the Enzymatic Exfoliant Steps 1 and 2 and the Anti-Acne Gel.

3A Triple Action Cream

La Crème de la Crème to be preferred for normal to oily skin. This product has a creamy texture. The Triple Action 3A Cream will provide comfort and suppleness to your skin. If you have a tendency to break out in times of stress, after shaving or during your menstrual cycle and have the feeling that your skin is dry, the Triple Action 3A Cream is the right choice. It contains essential fatty acids (grape seed oil, avocado oil, shea butter) and because of its ingredients,  helps control secretions for a luminous and healthy skin.

Pro Tip: Cleanse your skin first and apply Triple Action 3A Cream morning and night. The use of the Intensive Regulating Complex on problem areas will be an asset. Its best allies: Soothing Cleansing Essence, Enzymatic Exfoliant Step 1 and 2 and Aqua Rescue Lift Gel.

Still undecided? If you feel that your skin is oily during the day, that your make-up does not hold well, that you could sponge your face several times a day, you should choose the Triple Action 3A Fluid. If your skin is normal, with a sensation of dry skin (tightness), a slightly oily facial axis (the T-Zone), and that you only have a few small pimples per month, then the Triple Action 3A Cream is for you.