11 July 2023

The importance of skin care

Our skin, the organ that covers our body, requires special care.  It needs to be pampered and enveloped. Your esthetician, your skin care professional, is there to guide you and offer you customized care, according to your specific skin conditions, because every skin is unique. Institute or clinic is your destination for healthy, radiant skin.

The perfect marriage for high-performance skin care lies in the union of a daily routine at home and the expertise of the esthetician. Depending on the type of skin and treatment, the frequency of visits may vary. A minimum visit every 4 or 8 weeks is recommended. Facial provided by a skin care professional allows, for example, deeper exfoliation, the use of higher concentration products, methods of application and professional protocols that respect the laws of cutaneous absorption, thus increasing the cutaneous permeability and promoting better product penetration. This approach allows and evaluation of your skin on a regular basis, provide personalized care and maintain or improve the results obtained.  Follow-up over the course of several visits also enables us to identify changes in the skin, thus playing a preventive role. Facial Care will be determined by considering a range of factors, including secretions, vascular system, pigment spots, skin texture, dehydration and visible irregularities, to name but a few.

Each skin type requires its own routine. Oily skin needs to be cleansed morning and evening to clean the accumulated impurities such as sebum, sweat, dead cells and dust. Dry skin, on the other hand, should be cleansed in the evening to preserve its natural morning oils. Next, the skin must be hydrated and nourished in order to maintain its suppleness and elasticity. Hydration reinforces the skin’s barrier function and maintains a balanced level of water in the tissues.  Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. It removes dead cells accumulated on the surface of your epidermis and lowers the cutaneous barrier to facilitate penetration of subsequent products.  Exfoliation also stimulates natural cell renewal, resulting in smooth, soft skin, tighter pores and a clear, luminous complexion. Your skin care professional will help you find right products for your skin type and guide you in establishing a daily routine.

Our skin is an important organ. We must provide it with the necessary care and pamper it. The sooner we take care of it, the better the results. Let’s protect it from external aggressions, sun, wind and cold. Let’s allow it to find itself in the expert hands of skin care professionals.  Let’s remember that every skin is unique and has a limited capacity for cell renewal. Receiving an Aquafolia clinical treatment is experiencing the world of the well-aging dermo-cosmetic.