24 October 2021

The advantages of the AquaUNDE Mask

There are several benefits to using a face mask in our at-home skincare routine. Aquafolia offers the AquaUNDE Mask. An ultra-nourishing cream mask that does not dry on the skin.

The AquaUNDE concept was created to offer effective anti-aging while addressing pigmentary irregularities. Its formulation is packed with high concentration actives.

 Here are two ways to use the AquaUNDE Mask at home:

1. After thoroughly cleansing your skin, apply a thin layer of the AquaUNDE Mask. Leave the mask on for 10 min. Then massage the mask with a little water and rinse. You can use the AquaUNDE mask as many times as needed or add it to your skincare routine 1 to 2X per week.

Tip: Use your mask after exfoliating your skin for best results!

 2. You can choose to sleep with your AquaUNDE Mask. Just apply a thin layer on top of your night cream. Massage your mask to ensure full penetration. The mask will work overnight to provide maximum hydration. Note that this option is not recommended for skin with skin imperfections.

The AquaUNDE Mask offers you an immediate smoothing and lifting effect. It visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. It is recommended for sensitive skin and soothes redness. Its calming effect is immediate and gives tremendous comfort to the skin.