1 May 2023

Take control of your skin imperfections

Acne is a very common skin condition that can affect teenagers as well as adults. Several factors can be at the origin of this problem: genetics, hormonal imbalances, medication, imbalance of your skin microbiota or diet. When the problem occurs, we would do anything to see it disappear. Among all the products available on the market, several choices are offered to you.  You just have to understand your options according to your skin conditions.

The first instinct is sometimes to go for drying, irritating and products to reduce the sensation of oily skin and make pimples disappear.  If we take into consideration that our pimples are already red and inflamed, we should rather turn to products that are soothing, reduce inflammation and that moisturize the skin. Choosing a moisturizing, oil-free product will help regulate hydration and reduce the inflammation of skin imperfections. The Triple Action 3A Fluid will be a great ally, at its formulation has been specially designed to reduce the redness associated with acne, control sebaceous secretions and moisturize your skin.

To reduce the sensation of oily skin, it is wise to control the production of sebaceous secretions rather than drying out your skin. The Intensive Regulating Complex is a gel formulated with small molecular weight hyaluronic acid that will help reduce inflammation of skin breakouts by moisturizing, calming and soothing the skin and regulating the activity of the sebaceous gland by more than 68%*. The Intensive Regulating Complex can be applied on its own when the skin is very oily or under the Triple Action 3A Fluid when the skin is superficially dehydrated.

It is also important to understand that smart exfoliation of the skin plays an important role in achieving results, as the skin barrier must be lowered in order to promote the absorption of your products. Choose the Aquafolia Enzymatic Exfoliant Step 1 and 2, as it will not stimulate sebaceous gland activity or promote the appearance of new pimples. Exfoliating the skin with granules or scrubs when the skin is suffering from acne should be avoided, as the mechanical action of rubbing will stimulate sebaceous secretions.

For minor skin emergencies, Aquafolia presents the Anti-Acne Gel. Formulated with 2% salicylic acid, Anti-Acne Gel will help heal skin breakouts and prevent unsightly marks on your face. Note that this product contains calming, soothing and moisturizing ingredients to avoid irritating and dehydrating the skin.

The Triple Action 3A Concept is an innovative approach for skin that has imperfections and wants to regain healthy and radiant appearance. Aquafolia will meet your needs without irritation, without continuous exfoliation and without dehydration. Don’t wait any longer, and take control of your skin imperfections!

*In-vitro study