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Hydrophilic Moisturizing Oil Majoram

Oil that is able to transform into a milky moisturizing emulsion.

Skin type and conditions

For dry, lack of lipids (alipidic), dehydrated skin with need of barrier function.


Nourishing replenishing oil that gives back hydration to the skin. Its hydrophilic abilities and high quality oils allow it to transform into a moisturizing milky emulsion when mixed with water. Fantastic to regenerate the moisture barrier of the skin. Gives back lubrification to dry, devitalized skin in need of lipids.

Pain, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, marjoram essential oil is one of the best essential oil indicated in the treatment of pain. Its warming action makes it an ideal add-in for massage oils in alleviating the pain of osteoarthritis, rheumatic and muscle pain, lumbago, sciatica and cramps. Marjoram is the best friend for joints and sore muscles (ideal for sports massage among others).

Product functions and characteristics

  • Bottle with pump 250ml
  • Unscented.
  • Lipid replenishing action
  • Nourishing (free fatty acids)
  • Deeply conditioning and moisturizing
  • Favors repair by hydration
  • Anti-dehydration (barrier function)
  • Gives back elasticity and suppleness to the skin

Method of use

Massage on the body. For the neutral oil, add to the bath (6 pumps or 15 ml). All hydrophilic oils can be incorporated in the bath, but take note that women sensitive to vaginitis should only use the neutral oil.

Take note that essential oils can cause skin allergies on certain subjects.

Functions and characteristics of the main ingredients

(Educational information according to in-vitro and/or in-vivo and/or ex-vivo studies on ingredients that does not represent the fonctions of the concept or the product)

  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory (majoram essential oil)
  • Antioxidant (grape seed oil)
  • Rich in vitamins (avocado oil)
  • Antioxidant and free radicals (Camellia oleifera – tea oil)
  • Regenerative (jojoba seed oil)
  • Favors repair (tocopherol)
  • Regenerator (vitamin A – ascorbyl palmitate)

❖ The upper layers of the epidermis
† From an appearance and/or sensation perspective

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