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Anti-Cellulite Cream

Reduces the look of cellulite. Sculpting, moisturizing, firming and sensory energizer.

Skin type and conditions

For all kind of cellulite


Anti-Cellulite Cream with sensory energizer effects. Sculpting, moisturizing and firming , it gives back suppleness and comfort to the skin. Its revitalizing formula contains caffeine, bitter ginger, coenzyme A (biotech) and a euglena gracilis extract for results on the look of cellulite. Its cinnamon smell is uplifting and reinvigorating.

Product functions and characteristics

  • Presented in tube
  • Filmogenic emulsion for a patch effect
  • Gives back a soft even texture
  • Sculpts and firms
  • Sensorial stimulating sensation
  • Diminishes the heavy leg sensation
  • Exceptional moisturizing property
  • Diminishes the appearance of cellulite
  • Exhilarating cinnamon smell

Method of use

Apply on the areas to treat morning and night.

Functions and characteristics of the main ingredients

(Educational information according to in-vitro and/or in-vivo and/or ex-vivo studies on ingredients that does not represent the fonctions of the concept or the product)

  • Works on water retention and micro circulation (bitter ginger)
  • Cellular energy and lipolytic activity (coenzyme A – biotech combined with caffein)
  • Diminishes the appearance of cellulite (Euglena gracilis and Yellow horn poppy leaf extract – biotech)
  • Stimulating and revitalizing (cinnamon extract)
  • Restores suppleness and gives comfort to the skin (lecithin)

❖ The upper layers of the epidermis
† From an appearance and/or sensation perspective

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