11 July 2023

The importance of skin care

Our skin, the organ that covers our body, requires special care.  It needs to be pampered and enveloped. Your esthetician, your skin care professional, is there to guide you and offer you customized care, according to your specific skin conditions, because every skin is unique. Institute or clinic is your destination for healthy, radiant skin. […]

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20 June 2023

Eye contour care

Taking care of your eye area is more than a beauty routine. This extremely stressed area has 22 moving muscles and an average of around 10,000 eyelid blinks per day. Every action has an impact. Make-up and make-up removal, eyelash extensions and lift, contact lenses, rubbing our eyes, etc., all have an impact on the […]

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24 May 2023

How to choose your sunscreen ?

Protecting yourself well from the sun means preventing the appearance of pigmentation, slowing down premature aging and reducing the risk of potential skin cancer. Choosing the right sunscreen is therefore essential. You must choose the right texture for your skin type, make sure you find ingredients that are good for your health and find the […]

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15 May 2023

Aquafolia receives its 10th innovation award!

At the last edition of the Nouvelles Esthétiques Canada 2023 convention, Aquafolia received the innovation award for the brand new Cell Reboost Lotion. The Cell Reboost Lotion is a true liquid serum with firmingᶧ, clarifyingᶧ, vivifyingᶧ and energizingᶧ properties. It also participates in corneal imbibition by promoting the absorption of products applied after it. Formulated […]

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1 May 2023

Take control of your skin imperfections

Acne is a very common skin condition that can affect teenagers as well as adults. Several factors can be at the origin of this problem: genetics, hormonal imbalances, medication, imbalance of your skin microbiota or diet. When the problem occurs, we would do anything to see it disappear. Among all the products available on the […]

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8 March 2023

Triple Action 3A Concept: Fluid or Cream? Which one to choose?

The Triple Action 3A Concept has been scientifically designed to provide control to skin with imperfections. That is, skin with comedones (blackheads), papules or pustules (pimples), microcysts (small bumps of sebum under the skin), an oily facial axis, etc. The Triple Action 3A Concept helps to better control sebum production, reduce redness associated with skin […]

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27 February 2023

The skincare ritual according to skin types

Each skin type has its own particularities that has to be taken into consideration. It’s not always easy to find your way around. Aquafolia has established concepts intended to better guide you in finding the best skincare ritual for your skin.

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3 January 2023

Capparenols Complex

The Cappaprenols Complex is a liquid concentrate derived from gemmotherapy. Its extract from caper germination tissue was collected through a unique high-tech process where it was possible to extract very specific compounds of very small molecular weights.

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1 December 2022

AquaIMUNITA Cell Reboost Lotion

Aquafolia presents the new AquaIMUNITA Cell Reboost Lotion. Derived from biotechnology, this lotion is presented as a true liquid serum participating in stratum corneum imbibition.

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5 October 2022


The fight against the visible signs of skin aging and skin problems are at the very source of the creation of the Occy laboratoire and Aquafolia, its flagship brand of dermo-cosmetics. Treating the specific skin conditions in anti-aging to give it a healthy appearance while respecting its integrity is the first mission that we have.

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10 April 2022

AquaNUTRIA Anti-aging Red Oil

The essential fatty acids are Omega 3 and Omega 6. They play an essential role in maintaining the health of the body and the well-being of the skin. Also, essential fatty acids help maintain  hydration and strengthen the skin barrier. Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, it is a true vital essence of plants, […]

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22 January 2022

Great Winter Protection

Did you know that it’s as important to protect your skin in winter as it is in summer? The cold of winter can cause quite significant dehydration of the skin accompanied by redness and burning sensations. The cold can burn the skin as much as the sun in summer. Your face must be protected just […]

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29 November 2021

An exceptional Serum for the eye area

Hydra-Booster, Multi-Action and Lift Radiance  AquaIMUNITA innovates once again with the EYE Serum Cell Biotech Probio. The very first exceptional Eye Contour Serum.  Its Multi-Action formula visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines, bags under the eyes and dark circles. For spectacular and immediate results on the skin, Aquafolia’s brand new eye contour serum combines organic […]

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24 October 2021

The advantages of the AquaUNDE Mask

There are several benefits to using a face mask in our at-home skincare routine. Aquafolia offers the AquaUNDE Mask. An ultra-nourishing cream mask that does not dry on the skin. The AquaUNDE concept was created to offer effective anti-aging while addressing pigmentary irregularities. Its formulation is packed with high concentration actives.  Here are two ways […]

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26 September 2021

Fragile area: the eye area

The area around the eyes is the most delicate of the face. The skin around the eye is 5 to 10 times thinner than that of the face and very poor in sebaceous glands. It is much more vulnerable to aging, irritation, swelling and signs of fatigue. Aquafolia offers the Integral Eye Contour Cream. A […]

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25 August 2021


Aquafolia offers an intelligent formulation in the creation of its products. The formulas are created according to the laws of skin absorption, passive diffusion, permeation and assimilation.  Did you know that a stratum corneum that is normally hydrated at 10% is 10 times better then a dry stratum corneum? It is for this reason that […]

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13 July 2021

How do I choose the right exfoliant?

We must first choose our exfoliant while respecting our skin type.  Normal skin, sensitive skin, and oily or acne-prone skin will not have the same concerns and the type of exfoliant chosen will have to do its job without irritating or dehydrating the skin. Exfoliant function Perform a facial exfoliation to remove the dead cells […]

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3 June 2021

The maskne

The maskne is a new word resulting from the contraction of the word mask and acne describing the skin problems caused by the wearing of the mask. Wearing a mask concentrates heat and moisture in the area protected by it. Oils, bacteria and dead skin trapped under the mask tend to accumulate more and clog […]

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2 May 2021

The health of your lips and the sun

The lips are thin and very fragile mucous membranes which make the blood vessels more visible, thus giving the lips their pinkish or reddish color. They have over a million nerve endings which makes them super sensitive to heat, cold and touch. Part of the plumpness of our mouth is due to the collagen. As […]

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11 March 2021

Anti-aging body | Body Emulsion

The skin of our body is often left behind. Our clothes seem to protect it, but we forget that we need to take care of it as much as our face, because several factors in our daily life attack the skin of our body regularly. The sun’s rays, for example, penetrate the skin and damage […]

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