25 August 2021


Aquafolia offers an intelligent formulation in the creation of its products. The formulas are created according to the laws of skin absorption, passive diffusion, permeation and assimilation. 

Did you know that a stratum corneum that is normally hydrated at 10% is 10 times better then a dry stratum corneum? It is for this reason that Aquafolia offers a liquid concentrate approach that promotes imbibition of the skin before the application of hydrophilic gels and creams. Discover these two products : Cappaprenols Complex and Aqua Rescue Concentrate.

The Cappaprenols Complex

This ultra concentrated lotion resulting from gemmotherapy (the science of germinative tissus) nourishes, conditions and hydrates your skin. It helps to strengthen the skin’s resistance to environmental factors. It restores suppleness, softness and well-being. Formulated with small molecular size of cappaprenols, extracted from the germinal tissue of capers, this lotion should be applied after cleansing the skin. Designed especially for normal to dry skin, Cappaprenols Complex can be applied to sensitive skin. Do not forget to apply your daily care on top of your Cappaprenols Complex!

Tip: The Cappaprenols Complex is also sold in 230 ml format, because it is ideal for the entire body. Apply it under your body cream to maintain long-lasting hydration.

The Aqua Rescue Concentrate

This concentrated liquid for sensitive, dehydrated and reactive skin is based on exopolysaccharide from deep hydrothermal sources (extracted from biotechnology). It moisturizes and relieves itching caused by dry skin, provides a feeling of well-being and regenerates the skin’s moisture barrier. The Aqua Rescue Concentrate is sprayed directly on your skin immediately after cleansing. It hydrate immediately your stratum corneum and promotes subsequent products penetration. Specially designed for all skin types.

Tip: The Aqua Rescue Concentrate can be applied throughout the day over your creams and even makeup. In addition to being refreshing, it will help maintain your hydration and keep you feeling comfortable all day long.

Whether you choose the Cappaprenols Complex or the Aqua Rescue Concentrate, you can be sure that you they will help maximize the effectiveness of your skincare routine. Your skin will be more receptive and will promote the passive diffusion of all the other ingredients contained in your Aquafolia products.