24 May 2023

How to choose your sunscreen ?

Protecting yourself well from the sun means preventing the appearance of pigmentation, slowing down premature aging and reducing the risk of potential skin cancer. Choosing the right sunscreen is therefore essential. You must choose the right texture for your skin type, make sure you find ingredients that are good for your health and find the right level of protection.

Taking into account the elements mentioned, Aquafolia offers you two innovative sunscreens to choose from.

Soft Mineral SPF 27

Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, Soft Mineral SPF 27 is 100% mineral, without chemical filters and hypoallergenic. A sunscreen for the eye that does not heat up the eye area and does not run. Non-oily, it leaves no oily sensation on the skin while providing moisturizing skin comfort. Exclusively based on a mineral screen and water resistant for 40 minutes, this cream is suitable for all skin types and particularly for fragile, sensitive and reactive skin. It is also the perfect product for combination, oily and acne-prone skin as well as athletes.

Particularities, its extracts of lycopene and black tea, its apricot and jojoba oils help to limit the effects of aging caused by the sun and offer antioxidant properties.

Its strengths: natural sunscreen, formulated without silicone, alcohol and perfume.

Tips: When you apply a 100% mineral sunscreen, apply a small amount and lightly pat the product on your skin to avoid a whitish effect.

Face and Body Cream SPF 35

This sunscreen is ideal for normal to dry skin.  It is water resistant, offers broad spectrum protection and nourishes the skin without leaving an oily sensation. The Face and Body Cream SPF 35 offers a transparent mineral technology enriched with black tea for antioxidant properties and organic jojoba oil for its calming effects. It prevents premature aging of your skin caused by sun exposure. Its formula is perfume-free, alcohol-free, photostable* with optimal tolerance.  It is formulated to restore the appearance of health and improving the suppleness of the skin.

Its advantages: It is easy to apply and leaves a non-oily sensation while bringing a lot of suppleness to the skin.

A few essential rules to ensure proper sun protection

1. Generously apply your sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before sun exposure to allow the  ingredients to be absorbed by the skin.

2.Reapply as needed, after swimming, bathing, towel drying or after sweating.

3.Remember to apply sunscreen to ears, nose, neck and tops of feet.

4.Wear protective clothing, including a wide-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses. Look for shady areas.

5.Remember that the sun’s rays can pass through clouds. So do not neglect the application of your sun protection in this weather.

6.Some medications can make your skin sensitive to the sun. Ask your pharmacist or doctor if you should avoid the sun.

Aquafolia wishes you a wonderful summer season. Be careful and protect yourself!

*Which maintains its protective effects despite exposure to UV rays.