20 June 2023

Eye contour care

Taking care of your eye area is more than a beauty routine. This extremely stressed area has 22 moving muscles and an average of around 10,000 eyelid blinks per day. Every action has an impact. Make-up and make-up removal, eyelash extensions and lift, contact lenses, rubbing our eyes, etc., all have an impact on the health of your eyes.

The skin around your eyes is very poor in sebaceous glands, as well as collagen and elastin fibers. It is therefore essential to take care of this fragile skin with a specialized product adapted for this area. The ingredients selected for the skin around the eyes have a better cutaneous tolerance. Textures should also be adapted to avoid disturbing vision and weighing down the eyelid. Creams tend to migrate towards the eyes and can therefore cause irritation if not adapted.

Sunglasses also provide adequate protection to our eyes. The free radicals produced by UV rays accentuate the aging process around the eyes. The first wrinkles can appear as early as the early twenties. A daily morning and evening application of the Aquafolia Integral Eye Contour Cream is suggested. It improves the elasticity and tone of the delicate skin around the eyes. It diminishes the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue, while visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aquafolia has also developed sun protection that can be applied around the eyes. Soft Mineral SPF 27 is hypoallergenic, water resistant, won’t not run and itches the eyes. Specially designed for fragile, sensitive and reactive skin, this sunscreen is 100% mineral, of natural origin and dermatologically tested.

Our expert advice: First apply the Integral Eye Contour Cream and then the Soft Minerale SPF 27 around the eyes. Your eye contour will be protected!

Our eyes can communicate a lot of information. It’s often said that they are the mirror of the soul, reflecting our emotions and feelings. Like our gestures, our eyes say much more about us than our words.