3 January 2023

Capparenols Complex

The Cappaprenols Complex is a liquid concentrate derived from gemmotherapy. Its extract from caper germination tissue was collected through a unique high-tech process where it was possible to extract very specific compounds of very small molecular weights.

This ultra-concentrated complex helps to strengthen the skin’s resistance to environmental factors. It contains 17% moisturizing agents and thus restores suppleness, softness and well-being to the skin through its hydration. Cappaprenols Complex is essential to the imbibition process, as it promotes the penetration of subsequent products.

Spray Cappaprenols Complex in the palm of your hand and apply the product generously on a previously cleansed skin. You will feel a sensation of comfort and suppleness. Apply your favorite Aquafolia serum and/or cream to complete your skincare routine. Ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin. The Cappaprenols Complex will enhance your results and satisfy even the most difficult skin.