1 December 2022

AquaIMUNITA Cell Reboost Lotion

Aquafolia presents the new AquaIMUNITA Cell Reboost Lotion. Derived from biotechnology, this lotion is presented as a true liquid serum participating in stratum corneum imbibition.

What is corneum imbibition? It is the hydration of dead skin cells that constitute our stratum corneum. A well-hydrated stratum corneum increases the absorption of your daily skin care products, thus increasing performance and results.

Cell Reboost Lotion is an anti-aging, firming, vivifying, clarifying and energizing lotion that gives back a healthy luminous appearance. Formulated with plant stem cells, organic waters of rose and hibiscus, the new Cell Reboost Lotion offers antioxidant, moisturizing and calming benefits. Its refreshing smell of marjoram confers an energizing stimulating effect.

Morning and evening, after cleansing the skin, pour a few drops of Cell Reboost Lotion on a cotton ball and apply on the face, neck and décolleté. You will thus promote corneum imbibition while providing your skin with a healthy anti-aging effect. You can then apply your favorite daily skin care products. Are you ready for an energy Booster?

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