15 May 2023

Aquafolia receives its 10th innovation award!

At the last edition of the Nouvelles Esthétiques Canada 2023 convention, Aquafolia received the innovation award for the brand new Cell Reboost Lotion.

The Cell Reboost Lotion is a true liquid serum with firmingᶧ, clarifyingᶧ, vivifyingᶧ and energizingᶧ properties. It also participates in corneal imbibition by promoting the absorption of products applied after it. Formulated with plant stem cells, rose water and organic hibiscus, the Cell Reboost Lotion is ideal for sensitive, reactive and dehydrated skin.

Aquafolia continues to innovate and create unique, high-performance products that respect the skin’s integrity.  Its know-how has earned it the honor of accumulating 10 innovation awards since its creation. A trusted skin care whose performance and authenticity are at the heart of its values.

Give back a luminous and healthy look to your skin by adding the Cell Reboost Lotion to your daily skincare routine and experience the difference.

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