11 March 2021

Anti-aging body | Body Emulsion

The skin of our body is often left behind. Our clothes seem to protect it, but we forget that we need to take care of it as much as our face, because several factors in our daily life attack the skin of our body regularly.

The sun’s rays, for example, penetrate the skin and damage our cellular functions. This damage is noticeable when there are wrinkles, discolorations, red or brown spots, dilated capillaries, dry skin and loss of skin radiance. Shaving, lack of hydration and too much exfoliation are also important factors.

Aquafolia presents an exceptional anti-aging body. The body emulsion contains innovative ingredients to combat the appearance of aging skin. Aquafolia prioritizes the science of germination, Gemmotherapie. Cappaprenol is a very low molecular weight molecule that is highly hydrating and soothing. There you will find an organic extract of sunflower germinative combined with a vitamin E in a liposomal form. Specialized amino acids to give tissue more density. Lycopene, a tomato extract that scavenges free radicals and improves skin elasticity and texture. OCCY Laboratoire also manufactures its own black tea extract which has skin reparing properties thanks to its antioxidant components. 

Good daily hydration which is soothing, revitalizing and nourishing♦ will protect against dryness. This is essential in order to restore the skin’s suppleness and softness.

 Upper layers of the epidermis
 †In terms of appearance