Our Science

AQUAFOLIA, its flagship line of skin care products, conjugates the pure energy of nature with the power of science.

Our Scientific Approach

Our research team is constantly on the lookout for new ingredients and technologies, carefully reviewing new therapeutic approaches and the synergy that exists between the active ingredients in each formula. Nothing is left to chance, which is why our formulas redefine the concept of performance, creating products that are unique in every aspect.

Aquafolia products have an undeniable advantage over others. Why? Because our formulas produce visible results, taking into consideration the laws of skin absorption. Our intelligent, high-performance formulas respect the integrity of the skin.

It’s maxim

To comply with the most demanding standards for quality while producing visible results which, in turn, nurture inner beauty.


  1. Performance
  2. Innovation
  3. Natural Origin
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Cosmeceutic

1. Performance

  • High Concentration of new anti-aging biotechnological molecules (maximum recommended concentration by the manufacturer).
  • Formulations with high cutaneous tolerance that obey the laws of absorption (solubilization, permeation and passive diffusion).
  • Intelligent formulas that respect the skin’s integrity validated through clinical studies.
  • High performance instant visible results.

Products are tested under dermatological control to guarantee maximum efficacy and security.

2. Innovation

  • Ultra effective formulas, to treat all skin types, in total respect of the skin’s integrity. Always without continued exfoliation, without dehydration and without irritation.
  • Formulas with new technologies and new ingredients (The Science of Plants).
  • Intelligent delivery of actives throught encapsulation, phospholipids, solubilizers and cutaneous penetration enhancers.
  • Created in ecoconception

3. Natural

Natural origin clean formulas

  • No irritation
  • No continued exfoliation
  • No dehydratation
  • No paraben
  • No mineral oil
  • No colorant
  • No silicone
  • No lauryl sulfate
  • No phthalate
  • No BHT and BHA


  •  Non irritant
  •  High tolerance and hypoallergenic product

4. Cosmeceutical biotechnology

Performance validated by science

  • Ingredients originating from biotechnology validated through in-vitro, in-vivo and/or ex-vivo testing
  • Optimal concentrations
  • High-tech method of extraction for innovative ingredients of natural and organic origins
  • Gemmotherapy (germinative tissue of plants)

5. Dermo-cosmetic

Products manufactured by a pharmaceutical standard laboratory. We are talking about dermo-cosmetic care.

  • Combining the know-how from the pharmaceutical industry with the know-how from the cosmetic world.
  • All chosen ingredients bring a real high performance value to the formula validated with clinical studies.
  • Our R & D is rigorous, validated and in perfect conformity with the most demanding microbiology studies, stability testing and validation methods.
  • Our personalized formulas bring an experience of the senses (smell, touch and feel).

High performance instant visible results

  • Efficacy confirmed by HRIPT and patch test (hypoallergenic)
  • High performance formulations
  • Clinical cosmetic studies, validated with specialized devices.


  • Experience of the senses (smell, touch and feel).
  • Targets men and women
  • For all types of skins, with the mission to treat specific skin conditions in anti-aging in total respect of it’s integrity.