Aquafolia SPA Concept

Trilogie SPA

The sensorial exhilarating high performance cosmeceutical biotechnology

  • Energizes the senses
  • Moisturizes and firms
  • A high-tech cosmetology to diminish the appearance of cellulite
  • Sensorial effect for a well-being sensation
  • High concentration of biotechnology
  • Sensuous smell and texture
  • Rapid and durable results

Aquafolia SPA concept products

Anti-Cellulite Cream

Ecological body and hair cleansing gel

Anti-Cellulite Cream with sensory energizer effects. Sculpting, moisturizing and firming , it gives back suppleness and comfort to the skin. Its revitalizing formula contains caffeine, bitter ginger, coenzyme A (biotech) and a euglena gracilis extract (biotech) for results on the look of cellulite. Its cinnamon smell is uplifting and reinvigorating.

The upper layers of the epidermis
From an appearance and/or sensation perspective


Triple Action 3A
Anti-aging for combination to oily
types still suffering from localized

Aqua Rescue
Anti-aging for sensitive, reactive
and dehydrated skin

Anti-aging for mature dehydrated
skin suffering from hyperpigmentation
(pigmentary spots)

Revitalization for mature skin

Anti-aging for skin in need of
lipids, density and structure

Aquafolia SPA
Sensorial, exhilarating and
treating body line

Aquafolia Soleil
Sun products

Products for all
Products adapted to
several concepts