Aqua Rescue Concept


Moisturizing❖ and anti-wrinkle† care for all sensitive skin types, taking into consideration today’s lifestyle and the many stresses that skin is subjected to every day.

The skin is at the mercy of its surroundings and is directly affected by many external and internal factors:

  • External: weather changes, pollution, sun exposure, medication, harsh products, smoking, irritating procedures (laser, peels, dermabrasion, surgery).
  • Internal: stress, fatigue, illness, poor lifestyle, hormonal or digestive imbalance.

Skin that has become sensitive and reactive demonstrates reduced tolerance to these stimuli, which would otherwise be well tolerated. Distress, overheating, tingling, and blemishes become the daily routine. All types of skin (alipidic, normal, combination, and oily) can become sensitive. Aqua Rescue is the ideal concept for all skin types.

Our objectives

  • To make the skin more resistant and restore its ability to protect against the abuse of the elements.
  • To restore the skin’s water balance.
  • To reduce redness due to dry, cracked and chapped skin and restore its beautiful and youthful glow.

The innovation

Rescue care with an ultra-gentle texture. Packed with ingredients that repair, soothe, revitalize and visibly fight the aging process. Our priority is to moisturize, and protect sensitive, reactive, dehydrated, and devitalized skin of all types from the abuse of the elements.

Chosen ingredients

(Educational information from in-vitro and/or in-vivo and/or ex-vivo studies on ingredients that does not represent the functions of the concept or the products)

1. Exopolysaccharide – biotechnology
Derived from biotechnology, this ingredient is produced by a microorganism that lives in deep hydrothermal ocean vents. This marine microorganism can synthesize and excrete actives that are tremendously beneficial to cosmetology through specific conditions of fermentation in the laboratory. A high concentration of exopolysaccharide is found in this formula.

In-vivo, in-vitro and/or ex-vivo studies have demonstrated the following:

  • An incredible capability to reduce irritability and reactivity of particular sensitive skin.
  • It improves the comfort of the skin which is said to “react to everything” sensitive skin or skin which has become sensitized by an accumulation of small daily attacks.
  • Provides very effective protection of Langerhans cells submitted to UVB attack and hence the skin’s defense system.
  • Induces a significant reduction in the intensity of erythema caused by UV irradiation.
  • Stimulates the skin to activate the cells repair and restructuring process.
  • Rebalances the skin damaged

2. Olive Leaf Extract
Anti free radical, antioxidant and antibacterial.

3. Menthyl lactate
Cooling sensation, soothes heating and burning sensations.

4. Cappaprenols
Extracted from the germinative tissue of caper bud. Through a unique technological process they have been able to extract specific low molecular weight cappaprenols 12, 13 and 14. This complex by hydration soothes and calms the skin.

5. Tamarindus indica seed extract
The seeds contain 65% to 70% of polysaccharides (molecular weight smaller than hyaluronic acid’s polysaccharides), 15% to 20% of proteins and 3% to 5% of oil. Exceptional moisturizing and smoothing properties that visibly diminish lines and wrinkles.

6. A liposomal preparation of the tripeptide
Hexanoyl-ARG-Ala-Nle-NH2 acetate salt (combination of three amino acids Arginine-Alanine-Norleucine) linked to hexanoic acid. Leads to a controlled loosening of the cell to cell connections of the desmosomes without irritation. Favors the natural desquamation process as it occurs in young skin. It reduces the turnover time of the epidermis. The skin becomes smooth and radiant. Lifting and smoothing effect.

7. Hydroglycolic solution of chlorhydrate of L-prolyglyoxaline
Protects against oxidative stress (caused by UV radiation, stress and pollution) that alter cellular membrane and cellular function. Prevents the appearance of premature aging of the skin. (in-vitro studies)

8. Cupuaçu butter
Rich in omega 9, it has exceptional soothing, moisturizing and conditioning properties.

Aqua Rescue Concept products

Aqua Rescue Concentrate

Aqua Rescue Lift Gel

Aqua Rescue Cream

Protective Vegetal Jelly

The upper layers of the epidermis
From an appearance and/or sensation perspective

Les produits du Concept Aqua Secours


Triple Action 3A
Anti-aging for combination to oily
types still suffering from localized

Aqua Rescue
Anti-aging for sensitive, reactive
and dehydrated skin

Anti-aging for mature dehydrated
skin suffering from hyperpigmentation
(pigmentary spots)

Revitalization for mature skin

Anti-aging for skin in need of
lipids, density and structure

Aquafolia SPA
Sensorial, exhilarating and
treating body line

Aquafolia Soleil
Sun products

Products for all
Products adapted to
several concepts